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Three New Prints and a Thoughtful, Well-Reasoned Theory about an Owl

Posted by jtebeau on June 17, 2010

I’ve gotten to know an excellent printer in Manhattan, Loupe Digital Studio on East 24th Street. I’m excited to be working with them. They do beautiful giclee printing (for art exhibits, etc.), and I’ve had very good results with the first couple of jobs they’ve done for me. Giclee is a fancy term for digital printing, done with pigment-based ink on thick, textural acid-free paper which (properly displayed) will not diminish in color for over a century.

I’m offering three different signed giclee prints from the Birds series I did in December: “Blue Bird”, “Minerva’s Owl” and “The Pigeons Who Had Places to GO,” All three originals sold immediately, and I’ve had some requests for prints so now you can get them on my Etsy site. Each is 5″ by 7″ (the original size) on hefty, archival 8″ by 10″ paper, ready to matte or pop into a standard size frame. The cost is $45 and that includes first-class shipping in the U.S.

"Blue Bird" © 2009 John Tebeau

“Blue Bird” (2009) Click HERE to purchase

"Minerva's Owl" © 2009 John Tebeau

“Minerva’s Owl” (2009) Click HERE to purchase

"The Pigeons Who Had Places to GO" © 2009 John Tebeau

“The Pigeons Who Had Places to GO” (2009) click HERE to purchase

And hey– please contact me if you’re interested in a commission. A bird (or anything else, such as a cow, manatee or lungfish) of your very own! Art is a gift that we give our selves. In return, it gives to us, silently, constantly, every day, whether we are aware of it or not. It engages the spirit, the subconscious and the imagination, reminding us of our potential to feel, imagine and create. Art is a solid, sensible investment that pays quiet dividends every day of the year.

Art is Good.

By the way, a few people out there contend that the owl up there represents some god or goblin called Moloch, a wicked naughty dirty evil chap who now allegedly inspires Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan and the Rockefellers go to the woods north of San Francisco and eat babies or something. My question to you guys is, “where are the unicorns?” Jesus….


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Fine Cartoon Illuminated Manuscripting in 9 Easy Steps

Posted by jtebeau on June 8, 2010

Recently I was commissioned to make a little sign. A simple phrase, in convenient 5″ by 7″ frame-able form. Step one was getting the phrase: “Rejoice Evermore.” Done. The client took care of that.

Step two was finding a suitable font. I used one called Blackmoor out of an ancient Letraset reference manual I’ve had for years.

Step three: Sketching out “the look.” Good old sketchbook. If those pages could talk….

The client gave major leeway on this. He wanted me to do my take of an ‘illuminated manuscript’ look, but not too ‘religious.’ I get that. I wanted it to feel joyous, of course, but a bit more organic and less stiff than some of them you see. And given the small scale, I couldn’t be TOO detailed. I went with bold lettering and a simple vine for the organic flavor around the edge, as a border.

Step four: Sketching it onto nice, thick illustration board and begin inking. I used a Rapidograph pen with India ink for this.

Step five: Finish inking and choose appropriate colors. Obviously I would to go with something warm like yellow and orange. But I wanted something organic, too, because the client likes nature (hence a vibrant green). And I chose to do the letters in reflective gold to make it more… PROFOUND!

Step six: Paint the background. I always work from front to back, a habit of my silk-screening days….

Step seven: Paint the letters gold. This was Liquitex “Antique Gold”. Good stuff. Great look.

Step eight: Paint the border… then… jazz up the background. I went with a funky sort of sunburst look. Sort of psychedelic, sort of… well… joyous!

Step nine: Black outlines on the vines and text. It wouldn’t be cartoon art without the black lines, now would it?

If you’re interested in commissioning a neat little piece like this (or big ‘un), let me know:

Thank you, Alan Janesch, for the cool gig.

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