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Drawing Things to You… With Art

Posted by jtebeau on September 3, 2010

Art possesses power. Magical power sometimes. An example: Robert Crumb is on record as stating that he could draw certain [thick-limbed, troublesome] women into his life simply by drawing such specimens in his sketchbook. (I wonder why the same word is used to mean both creating an image and bringing things forth: draw a picture, draw some water, draw trouble, etc.)

Crumb had to rethink the practice, as it complicated his already crazy life to proportions he couldn’t readily deal with. Ah, the woes of a fine cartoon artist. He created a piece featuring his Mr. Natural character summoning a troublesome lass named Devil Girl in a work that metaphorically referenced his own powers to draw such women.

"Mr. Natural Conjures the Devil Girl" by Robert Crumb

Anyway, I bring this up because as a present for my wife, I made what we dubbed a “spell painting.” She listed a few things that she’d like to have in her life (dogs, good music, a lively social life with friends she loves, etc.), and I created an artistic representation of these things (in a cartoonish style, of course), with a portrait of her in the middle. So it’s sort of like a vision board that way. Or the inside of a jr. high school locker door….

Colleen's Spell Painting

Behold the power of the image with intention! She’s currently taking piano lessons and this week her teacher (a cool dude in the East Village) is having her work on Stevie Wonder’s “Ma Cherie Amour”, the music I featured in the top right of the composition. Colleen writes about it here on her blog.

One of her associates (“associates??” as if she’s in the mob or something?) insists that I now do my own spell painting, so they can hang together, in our apartment. I’ll do it, but by God, I’m going to be careful. I don’t want to end up with a Devil Girl. Already got my hands full.


3 Responses to “Drawing Things to You… With Art”

  1. Tommy said

    This is a great post, thanks for this. I’ve always thought that cartoon artists never got enough credit as great craftsmen (and women). Too often they are just dismissed as childish things. Very unfair, in my opinion. I hope they have some comic art at Art Basel this year. Are you going to go to it this year? I found great deals for rooms there at this website.

    • jtebeau said

      Thanks for your comments, Tommy. Not sure about Art Basel this year, but I could see it happening, as I was planning to visit my brother down in Florida around that time and could make a double-feature out of the visit.

      • Tommy said

        Cool. Yeah, I mean it’s certainly a bit of trip. It took me quite a bit of scrounging just to be able to afford the flight!

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