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Be Careful What You Wish for… But Do It Anyway

Posted by jtebeau on October 21, 2010

Colleen's Wish Painting

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
~ Lewis Carroll

You probably wouldn’t set out on a road trip without first deciding where you’re going. Once you have that settled, you probably reach for a map.

This new customized painting series I’m doing is sort of like an artistic road map for your life.

I call them spell paintings, because there’s magic in making a visual representation of how you want your life to be. It’s powerful to declare your hopes and dreams then hang that vision someplace where you’ll see it every day.

If you’ve ever heard of a vision board — often photos clipped from magazines and glued to poster board — spell paintings are similar. They include pictures of people, places and things you want to be a part of your ideal life.

But spell paintings are better than vision boards in some important ways:
— creating your vision as a beautiful painting gives you art you will be proud to display in your home or office
— your spell painting will have a cohesive, consistent feel, pulling all the pieces together rather than a patchwork of photos
— I will help you create your painting, discussing everything from the mood to the key components of your perfect life

A spell painting would make a great way to start 2011 — a sort of visual New Year’s resolution for yourself. Place your order by Nov. 30 and we can begin working on a painting that shows your wishes for the new year and beyond.

Oh, and holiday cards? I’m doing those, too. You can have an original design for as low as $125. Again, let me know by Nov. 1, as time (as we perceive it) is of the essence.

Here’s one I did based on the It’s a Wonderful Life poster for me and Colleen a couple years back:


Xmas Card


2 Responses to “Be Careful What You Wish for… But Do It Anyway”

  1. Mark Braun said

    I am a brand new fan of John Tebeau– I love the painting, and the Xmas card! Good luck helping people “see” their dreams–it’s important.

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