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Jaime Hernandez: One Helluva Fine Cartoon Artist

Posted by jtebeau on May 1, 2012

When you feel like you know a cartoon character, not just due to solid dialogue, but also due to little, visual things, like the way they hold their cigarette and shift their weight with their moods, then the cartoonist has done his job well. The cartoonist has transcended the medium of paper and pen and ink and created somebody bordering on real and meaningful. Jaime Hernandez has been doing that for years in “Love and Rockets,” and I’ve only recently been learning about him, thanks to this book.

Author Todd Hignite does an admirable job of fleshing out both Jaime and his recurring characters that will please longtime readers (and lookers… reader-lookers. This is comics, after all) as well as newbies like me. It came out a couple of years ago, published by the folks at Abrams Comicarts, but it’s new to me.

I picked this up at the good old Brooklyn Public Library (a tip o’ the cap to Andrew Carnegie, my favorite plutocrat), and have just been digging the bejesus out of it. It makes me want to do better work, and devote more time to art.

Thank you Mr. Hignite, and thank you Mr. Hernandez. Nice work, gentlemen.

Thanks for all the libarries!


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